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Personal Insolvency Data by Area 2000 - 2017

How does your area fare compared to others? Are there similar traits between the best and worst areas? How come neighbouring areas are so different?

TAGS: insolvencyfinanceregionalONS


How Has the Value of Your Job Changed?

Interested in how your job has been valued by salary over time? Explore how much you would have earned doing the same job up to 7 years ago.

TAGS: ASHEFinanceEarningsIncomeProductivityOccupationsONS


Countdown to Brexit: Who Does the UK Trade With?

The EU accounts for half of the UK's trade, so what happens post-Brexit? Explore the trade we depend on but also the world trade that depends on the us.

TAGS: FinanceTradeImportsExportsONS


Gross annual pay by local authority in 2017

Search for and compare your area's median gross annual wages to to others using our interactive chart. What is the wage gap between men and women?

TAGS: FinanceRegionalASHEONSEarningsIncomeONS


Check for Ryanair's cancelled flights on our fully searchable list

Confused which flights Ryanair have cancelled? our simple searchable list will quickly tell you if you're affected. #Ryanaircancellations

TAGS: TravelNews


Find The Gender Pay Gap

Search, Compare and Share the details of EVERY individual company in the UK reporting Gender Pay Gap data - some eye opening findings!

TAGS: FindThePayGapGenderPayGap


Your Good University Guide... not somebody else's

Explore UK universities by what is most important to you, whether it is salary after graduation, student voice, or the quality of teaching - Not your boring boilerplate league table!

TAGS: UniversityCollegeStudentsAdmissionsALevelGCEUK


UK International Students By Country

This visualisation shows where international students from each country are attending university in the UK.

TAGS: UKStudyAbroaduniversityinternationalstudents


UK International Students By University

This visualisation shows where international students are coming from for each UK university.

TAGS: UKStudyAbroaduniversityinternationalstudents


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